Gutter protection exists for a reason – to keep your home’s roof and foundation protected from the elements.

If you are building a new home or doing renovations and upgrades to your existing home, it is very important to protect the exterior walls of the building. The use of gutter protection can prevent damage to foundations, fascia boards, soffit boards and even the roofing materials. Many homeowners do not understand why gutter protection is an important part of any building project, and we will attempt to explain some of the reasons here.

First, we should point out that most homes have a fascia board installed near the edge of the roof, and this is designed to protect it from water damage. The problem is, these boards are not always installed perfectly plumb. If they are not, water can work its way under the board and cause damage to the exterior wall of the home and any other building materials that may be in contact with it.

A1 Gutter Guard Adelaide consists of a channelling unit attached to the outside edge of the fascia board. The gutter protection system has a trough that runs along its length, which allows any water to gather in one spot and flow away from the building, preventing damage.

There is also an aluminium shield that attaches to the bottom of these channels on either side. This works effectively as a small bridge over ice dams, preventing snow buildup on the roof.

The gutter protection system can be installed quickly and easily on most fascia boards by screws at either end. However, some boards have a groove along the underside, and gutter protection is inserted into this channel.

When you have work done on your home, insist that gutter protection be installed rather than letting the building contractors install roofing materials over the top of the old fascia board where ice dams could already cause water damage.

Another reason for installing this type of gutter is that it prevents water from pooling up next to your foundation or anywhere else at the base of the home. Gutter protection will direct all water away from home and allow it to soak into the ground surrounding your foundation.

Considering that a small amount of damage to a building can be very expensive to fix, installing gutter protection makes good sense. They provide an effective barrier against ice dams, which can cause serious harm if allowed to form. They also prevent water from pooling next to your home, which can cause problems if the water freezes.

The installation of A1 Gutter Guard Adelaide is not an expensive addition to any building project, and in fact, it will save you money by protecting your home. Anyone planning on erecting a new home or doing renovations should insist that their building contractor provide this type of protection. They will thank you for it later because it is money well spent.