For the higher a part of 2020, Black Lives Matter and Antifa rioters burned and looted large and mid-size cities throughout the USA, leaving over 2 billion dollars in broken property, lost livelihoodsdestroyed communities and dozens dead. The truth is, they’re nonetheless inflicting violence from Portland to New York. As just lately as Saturday, February 13, Black Lives Matter protesters injured two police officers in New York. 

However irrespective of how a lot violence they trigger, legacy media and Hollywood will try and gaslight the general public into believing BLM protests are “mostly peaceful” and merely centered on racial equality and “social justice.” 

Newsbusters has chronicled all fall and winter the infinite parade of BLM propaganda put out by the tv networks. This week’s newest installment of gaslighting comes from NCIS: Los Angeles.

Within the episode, ‘The Frogman’s Daughter,’ on February 14, Kam (Kayla Smith), the daughter of NCIS agent Sam (LL Cool J) is kidnapped by two disgruntled ex-LA cops beforehand fired from the power. It seems Kam has been secretly serving to to prepare anti-police protests with out her dad’s information. 

Earlier than NCIS discovers Kam’s kidnapping, although, the Division of Homeland Safety reveals up involved about deliberate protests within the metropolis that night time. A DHS agent jokingly named Megan Merkle (Tiffany Smith) introduces herself to Agent Devin Roundtree (Caleb Castille). When she mentions DHS is anxious with potential violence on the deliberate protest, Agent Roundtree takes offense at the concept that the protesters might presumably turn out to be harmful.


Agent Roundtree: Uh, how can I aid you? 

Agent Merkel: The protest deliberate for tonight. Homeland Safety is coordinating a joint federal activity power to help with native authorities. 

Agent Roundtree: Help them with what? Directing site visitors? It is gonna be a peaceable protest. 

Agent Merkel: I believe that is a little bit idealistic. 

Agent Roundtree: No, it is practical. The-the protest is about equality and racial justice. However I am positive the protesters would love our safety. 

Agent Merkel: Properly, this request comes straight from my director, and the Secretary of Protection, Secretary of the Navy, the director of NCIS. 

Agent Roundtree: Oh. 

Agent Merkel: There are issues about armed counterprotesters exhibiting up tonight. 

Agent Roundtree: So, to be clear, it is not in regards to the protesters, it is about individuals exhibiting up who might pose a menace to what could be a peaceable protest. 

Agent Merkel: Positive. If you wish to get technical. 

Agent Roundtree: (Laughs) I am not making an attempt to get technical. I am simply making an attempt to get it proper. 

Agent Merkel: (Laughs softly) I really feel like we’re getting off on the incorrect foot.

Agent Roundtree: No, no. It is…

Agent Merkel: Agent Roundtree, can NCIS assist us collect intelligence about militia teams who might pose an issue tonight?

Agent Roundtree: Positive. If you wish to get technical. 

Ahh…so it’s simply the concern of the counter-protesters. That’s the massive menace. The protests themselves couldn’t presumably be a supply of concern, proper? Tv reveals this yr simply have characters preserve saying again and again that the protests are peaceful, actually, actually peaceable. Did they ever hear of Shakespeare’s warning, “I believe thou doth protest an excessive amount of”? If protests had been genuinely peaceable, Hollywood writers would not must preserve telling audiences that.

Within the episode, it seems that there was one activist with Kam who wished protesters to begin getting violent as a result of he didn’t assume peaceable protesting was working. Agent Merkle additionally mentions that her company caught a protester in Seattle carrying explosives, however these people are portrayed as outliers and never indicative of a broader sample. 

However BLM protests had been routinely violent throughout the nation. And protesters weren’t merely agitating for “racial justice.” They sought to defund and abolish the police, resulting in the “largest percentage increase in homicides in American history,” based on the Wall Avenue Journal. Now cities like Minneapolis that defunded their police power are backtracking and placing hundreds of thousands of {dollars} into making an attempt to rent police once more as a result of the crime wave there has so totally ruined their metropolis.

BLM and Antifa protests have been a toxic train in home terrorism and no quantity of Hollywood mendacity ought to ever trigger People to overlook it.