DailyCoin’s Crypto Memes of the Week #10 – A Journey Into the Philosophy of Absurdism

Life is absurd and we’re all Sisyphi right here.

The principle query of absurdist philosophy lies within the disharmony between the human inside attempt to seek out an inherently helpful that means of life and the meaninglessness of the world we dwell in. The query is eternal however intractable and even unsolvable to some extent. That is an oxymoron as a result of the human mind is programmed to course of the identification of significance; the connection between a phrase as a language unit and its that means is a elementary trait of human nature.

However, a phrase is simply the tip of the iceberg. For instance, the phrase “blockchain” has fully completely different semantic meanings for a developer, crypto hodler, NFT artists, or absurdist:

The Fable of Crypto Sisyphus

One of the well-known absurdist books grew to become Albert Camus’ paper with the eponymous title to the well-known Greek fable. The principle dilemma of the story permeates all through the narration of the thinker. Sisyphus’ job of pushing a boulder up a mountain again and again appears meaningless however the conclusion of the essay is

“The wrestle itself … is sufficient to fill a person’s coronary heart. One should think about Sisyphus completely satisfied”.
The depiction of such work to the ability of infinity will be noticed in lots of fashionable jobs. Even when anybody thinks crypto might save them from a boring workplace job, simply look within the mirror:

Three Methods of Resolving the Absurd Dilemma

The absurdist group discovered three attainable methods to withstand the dilemma of absurdism. The primary one is escaping existence, which was disregarded by Camus as a result of it doesn’t resolve the issue. The second method is religious: perception in a transcendent thought.

The third resolution is to simply accept the absurd. That is the trail for many who wish to obtain the very best degree of freedom. Nevertheless, it’s not that straightforward. Camus strongly believed that this manner included each revolt in opposition to the absurd in addition to accepting its unstoppable energy.

This actually means we, individuals, want to simply accept human nature whereas nonetheless opposing it. Seems like yet another oxymoron. However, isn’t it the identical when an individual buys excessive and sells low realizing it must be vice versa?

Absurdism Partially Derives from Nihilism

Nihilism is yet another pressure in existentialist philosophy. A nihilist tends to reject a number of the elementary facets of human life, akin to values, morality, or goal reality.

Values are meaningless? An NFT of Invisible Rock #91 prices 888.888 ETH! Maybe most NFT holders are nihilists. How can we clarify this dissonance between objects and values? It’s nothing greater than the irony of life.

The most well-liked nihilistic character of immediately is Rick Sanchez from the Rick and Morty Netflix (NASDAQ:) sequence. To be extra exact, he’s a consultant of cosmic nihilism, a department of philosophical examine. Rick believes in no basis for human goal, which is represented in his actions and language.

We warned you in regards to the language!

Existentialism is the Supply of Absurdism

In distinction to nihilism, the elemental thought of existentialism is that existence precedes essence. This actually signifies that issues are born with no that means and solely then they get hold of the aim. Furthermore, the essence of issues is extremely subjective.

That is the Rubicon, past which issues can purchase reverse meanings. Simply check out animal cash. Aren’t their meanings reverse to what crypto is meant to be? Crypto is about expertise and decentralization – meme cash are about hype and fast earnings. It’s a twist in values.


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