Tucker Carlson has taken heavy warmth from the left for saying that Democrats need to change the present citizens with immigrants.

But that’s exactly what Joe Scarborough is demanding! On at present’s Morning Joe, Scarborough went on certainly one of his patented rants, railing in opposition to Trump supporters who proceed to be skeptical in regards to the election outcomes. A screaming Scarborough advised Trump supporters:

“America, like it or go away it! . . . Simply go away . . . Get the hell out! We do not need you right here.”



And who would take the place of these exiled Trump supporters? Joe had the reply: “hundreds of thousands of immigrants who will come right here.”  In line with Scarborough, these immigrants will “salute the flag and, most significantly, they’ll battle for what that flag represents.”

Joe overlook to say what, “most significantly,” the vast majority of these immigrants will do: vote Democrat!Joe Scarborough MSNBC Morning Joe 5-21-21

Joe Scarborough telling Trump supporters skeptical in regards to the election outcomes to “get the hell out” of America and get replaced by immigrants was sponsored partially by Liberty MutualKayakLexus, and Comcast.

This is the transcript.

Morning Joe
6:22 am EDT

JOE SCARBOROUGH: This isn’t about Joe Biden. This stopped being about Joe Biden a very long time in the past. That is about you! That is about you taking part in in to what each certainly one of our enemies desires you to play into. That American democracy isn’t value being trusted. That American democracy isn’t any completely different than Russia. 

For those who consider that, I’ll say to you what a lot of you mentioned within the Sixties. [Begins screaming] America, like it or go away it! If you do not have respect in American democracy anymore, should you do not respect Madisonian checks and balances, in case your man would not win, if that is the brand new guidelines of engagement for this nice republic, then simply go away our nation! Since you’re unworthy of it! 

And there are hundreds of thousands of immigrants who will come right here and lift their proper hand, and purchase into the creed, and consider that we’re distinctive! That consider American democracy is the best authorities on the face of the Earth! And they’re going to do it proudly! They may salute the flag proudly! And most significantly, they’ll battle for what that flag represents! 

When you disgrace your self. When you shame your self. When you shame our nation within the eyes of the world. Sure, that is all on you. Get the information. Dwell within the gentle. Comply with the reality. And love this nation! And cease this. Or go away. Or go away. If you are going to consider a actuality TV present host’s lies in regards to the American republic, his
desecration of American exceptionalism. Then simply get the hell out. We do not need you right here. That is all I’ve obtained to say.

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: You could not have mentioned it higher, really.

SCARBOROUGH: Nicely, thanks.

MIKA: No. I actually recognize that.

SCARBOROUGH: I recognize it